Find Your Perfect Career

Doing what you love and being able to find your perfect career has to be the dream-come-true of almost everyone, everywhere. Whether it’s underwater basket weaving, baking cookies, IT or some other business, when your heart is in it there are less or no negative feelings of regret and a desire to be doing something else. It’s pretty hard to do something you hate and detest everyday but unfortunately, a lot of people are caught in this very real trap.

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While a lot can be said for being content and staying safe in a secure, if unsatisfying job, it can also lead to longing for much, much more. So if you are stuck in this rut, perhaps consider getting more training or self training yourself to do something you love in order to find your perfect career- starting in a very small scale - and who knows it could pay off in the future. Even if it doesn’t become a future job, knowledge is always a good thing.

Most of us have had jobs we were less that content with and felt a little trapped in it. No doubt you have seen the ads for online schools and courses encouraging web surfers on the advantages and real possibilities of online learning.

For the average Joe who feels stuck in a dead end job, and isn’t comfortable with being self taught but wants a formal degree, they can provide many advantages and pave the way to a brighter more fulfilling career. Many courses are being taught online now from Business and History to Information Technology and much more.

It only makes sense and it’s obvious to see that you could spend more time and do a better job in a career that you actually like. The day to day grind of any job can take a toll but at least if you are having some fun and feeling accomplished the hours can pass away like minutes, you might even find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day so you could get more done - yikes.

There is no doubt that there are long-term psychological advantages of working at a job you like. For one thing you won’t dread going to work on Mondays or the rest of the week either.

Naturally, you have to be realistic too. Don’t lose a good paying job for a dream or due to discontent and poor planning. Sometimes a bird in hand could definitely be a good thing and you definitely don’t want to burn any bridges you might need to come back to. Simply quitting and going back to school or starting a business might not be the prudent thing to do even if some successful people might have done just that. However, starting a small scale side business or learning after-hours or on weekends can set you up to one day end up making a hobby or interest into a fulfilling career.

So do what it takes to find your perfect career if you are not already doing what you love as a career. If you feel a genuine and realistic need to change, remember that ultimately, it could be the best move for you if you really don’t like your current job and then perhaps you can start making little steps towards a career that you do enjoy.

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