Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas

Kids playroom decorating ideas are fun to conjure up and even more fun to implement. A child’s playroom is like no other room in your home. Children love to have a space to call their own; a place to be a kid, to play, to relax, and to let their imagination run wild! It seems more and more parents these days are opting for allocating one room of their home as a playroom for their children. Not only do kids love to have their own play space, but parents love to have their children’s toys in one spot to make tidying up quicker and easier.

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Planning and designing a playroom is fun for both parents and kids alike. As adults, it’s fun to think back to when we were kids and design a fun and functional ultimate playroom. It seems that in recent years, manufacturers have begun to really up their game in designing functional and fabulous playroom equipment to help keep our playrooms organized, tidy, and fun. And even better news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. Good news for us parents, eh?

Are you looking for some fun kids playroom decorating ideas? Read below for some great ideas to make your children’s play space fun, organized, functional, and looking great!

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas #1: Get input from your kids

Think about your children and their interests. What kinds of themes do they like? Do they enjoy animals, cars, circus themes, safari themes, bugs, fairy tales? Think of the books they enjoy and start there. You can even take a favorite story and build a playroom out of ideas from that book!

Another idea is to sit down with your children and ask them directly what they would like to see in their playroom. This can be fun and will include your children in the process. With the feeling of ownership, your children will be more apt to take care of their playroom and keep it looking nice.

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas #2: Choose versatile pieces to save money

Children grow and evolve and so should your pieces. You can waste a lot of money on items that will only stay with your child for a year or two. Instead, think of your playroom as staying around for the long haul! If you’re starting while your child is young, avoid a lot of baby-themed items and go with pieces that will compliment your child for years to come.

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas #3: Create a storybook “nook”

Reading is so important to our children’s development, not to mention it’s a fun activity for kids! Create a fun little part of your room dedicated entirely to snuggling up with a book and getting lost in their imagination. Try a comfortable cushion, a tent, cute bookshelf, cuddly stuffed animals; anything that will draw your child into the world of reading.

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas #4: A Dress-up nook is fun, too!

Children love to dress up. I remember enjoying this activity dozens of times when I myself with a child. Go to your local thrift store and find a cute trunk to hold clothes, hats, jewelry, and any other clothing item that your child would love to play in. Thrift stores are fabulous places to find fun clothing and jewelry to aid in your child’s dress-up time!

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas #5: Choose storage that works for your space

Simply tossing all your toys into a toy box is many times not the answer. I personally like toy storage items that will help my child learn to sort and organize. Look for inexpensive bookshelves and purchase baskets to organize items such as Legos, dolls, blocks, cars, and any other toy your child enjoys.

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas #6: Add some music!

Every fun playroom needs some fun music! You can purchase an inexpensive CD player and start your collection of fun music your child will enjoy listening to while playing.

Kids Playroom Decorating Ideas #7: Above all, make your area safe!

Child safety is the number one most important thing to consider when planning your child’s play room. Make sure electrical outlets are covered with a secure outlet cover, cords are out of reach, and furniture is bolted to the walls. Really do your research and make sure you are remembering all the child safety considerations that are necessary in making your playroom safe and secure.

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