Children and Cheating

It’s been a phenomenon that has been going on since the beginning of time: cheating. Breaking the rules, cheating, and unfairness all chip away at the person and create a person who is only looking out for themselves and who completely ignores the needs and fairness to others.

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As parents, it is more important than ever to help teach our children about cheating and why we need to stay away from it. Read through the tips below and see which ones you can apply to your own parenting in order to instill a sense of honesty and an “anti-cheating” view.

Children and Cheating Tip #1: Explain what cheating is

Some children, especially young children, do not quite understand the concept of cheating. Sit down with your child and discuss fairness and what cheating really is.

Children and Cheating Tip #2: Discuss the negative consequences

Emphasize the damage of cheating by discussing why it is so wrong as well as the negative consequences that go hand in hand with cheating.

Children and Cheating Tip #3: Been caught cheating?

If your child has been caught cheating, first find out why. Discuss the consequences and different ways he or she could have handled it.

Children and Cheating Tip #4: Positive reinforcement

When you catch your child being honest, love them up and give them a lot of positive reinforcement for being so honest. Help them feel good about themselves for making a good choice of honesty.

Children and Cheating Tip #5: Eliminate pressure

Sometimes, the pressure of getting good grades can push your child towards cheating. Emphasize to them that you just want them to do their best. It’s better to get an honest “C” than a dishonest “A”.

Children and Cheating Tip #6: Discuss peer pressure

Many kids experience peer pressure in this area. Discuss this openly and help your child come up with ways to combat peer pressure and cheating.

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