7 Tips for Dealing with School Bullies

Dealing with school bullies is something that nearly every child will encounter at some point in time. Unfortunately, there are some children in school who just enjoy picking on others. As a parent, it is heartbreaking and frustrating to hear about a school bully who has his or her eye on your precious baby.

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We love our children desperately and to watch them being bullied is incredibly difficult as you feel the dragon inside you want to protect your child. As parents, it is our job to help teach our children the correct method for dealing with school bullies and how to defend themselves. We don’t want to rush to their defense at the slightest “boo” just as we also cannot sit by and allow our children to be bullied.

Below are some helpful tips to consider when dealing with school bullies.

Dealing with School Bullies Tip #1: Teach your child assertive behavior

Teach them how to say “no” in an assertive way and to respond directly to demands. It can be helpful to role play different scenarios with your child with dolls or puppets.

Dealing with School Bullies Tip #2: Proper Social Skills

Make sure you teach your child proper social skills by emphasizing healthy ways to express their feelings and desires. Teach them methods of resolving conflicts and disagreements in a healthy and assertive way.

Dealing with School Bullies Tip #3: Teach your child how to identify a bully.

What do bullies tend to do? How do they tend to act? How do they treat others and what kind of demands do they place on them? Helping your child accurately recognize a bully will help them to decide how to appropriately respond to them.

Dealing with School Bullies Tip #4: Stand their ground

Teach your child to stand their ground and not to give in to a bully. Giving in will only start a pattern of bullying as the school bully will see they are able to command control over your child.

Dealing with School Bullies Tip #5: Teach courtesy and compassion

Teaching your child courteous behavior will not only help them to recognize a bully, but will also ensure they will not become a bully themselves.

Dealing with School Bullies Tip #6: Identify problem relationships before they get out of control

Teach your child how to handle negative behavior in friendships and the value of creating new friendships. If you see a friend of your child tends to dominate or bully your child, work to steer your child to new friendships.

Dealing with School Bullies Tip #7: If needed, enroll your child in martial arts

I believe it is important for every child to have the ability to physically defend themselves if necessary. Martial arts not only teach a child discipline, but also important self-defense skills.

By implementing these 7 simple tips for dealing with school bullies your child will be able to identify and avoid bullies as well as stand up for themselves and not become one themselves.

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