Learning Activities for Summer: Four Tips for Avoiding the Summer Learning Lapse

Coming up with effective learning activities for summer is one way to avoid summer learning lapse. As spring winds down and every child prepares for the lazy days of summer, many parents fear that the pieces of information they learned over the year will simply lapse over summer break.

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In order for children to continue the learning process, but in a way that they don’t even realize they are learning parents need to be on the ball in planning learning activities for summer.

Here are a few things you and your child can do to prevent that summer educational lapse:

Learning Activities for Summer Tip #1- Take them outdoors. Whether you go to a park or somewhere else in nature, there is plenty of learning possibilities outdoors. Plus, any child and parent could use the extra exercise over the summer.

Learning Activities for Summer Tip #2- Go to an educational center. Science centers and museums can be a fun day trip for both parents and children. These places allow children to get a grasp on numerous topics all in one place.

Learning Activities for Summer Tip #3- Visit the library. Summertime reading is crucial to your child’s continuing education. Be sure to make weekly trips to the library or bookmobile and suggest good books for your child according to their interests or age range.

Learning Activities for Summer Tip #4- Play board games. Playing board games with your child will not only be fun, but it will also assist in their social skills at the same time, which are also important to their education.

Overall, both parents and children need to take advantage of learning activities for summer tips provided above. Any educational activities you can participate in over the summer months will help in transitioning you child back to school in the fall.

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