Effective and Loving Parenting Techniques

While parenting is a joy, it's also hard work which is why I’m sharing these effective and loving parenting techniques.

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Sometimes, finding a solution to a situation with our kids can be difficult. There are so many theories on child psychology and child rearing that parents searching for tips on effective and loving parenting techniques can feel overwhelmed and begin to question their own beliefs.

But while there are so many different tips for parenting and raising your children, there are a few tips for parenting that should always be practiced. Of course no parent is perfect or ever will ever be perfect, but what we can do as parents is continue to move forward and learn effective and loving parenting techniques in order to raise healthy and happy children.

There is not one right way to raise children just as there is no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect child. But here are some effective and loving parenting techniques to help your children grow up healthy and happy that you can implement today.

Loving Parenting Tip #1- Show Love

Children need to be shown and told they’re loved. Each and everyday, numerous times a day, tell your children you love them. Take them in your arms and hug them, kiss them, and tell them how special they are to you.

Loving Parenting Tip #2- Praise

Children need to know you recognize when they do something well. When you catch your child doing something good, tell them you are proud of them and that you notice how wonderful they are.

Loving Parenting Tip #3- Listen

It is so important our children are heard. Even if they are wrong or unreasonable, listen to them. It doesn’t mean you give into them, but listening tells your children you think they are important and you are interested in their feelings and what they are saying.

Loving Parenting Tip #4- Show Your Children They Are Safe

When your child is scared or hesitant, give them comfort and let them know you are always there to protect them.

Loving Parenting Tip #5- Structure

In order to feel safe and to learn boundaries, children need a regular schedule of meals, naps, bedtimes, and other activities. Try posting a schedule where your children can view it as well as making clear the family rules and what consequences will take place should they break those rules.

Loving Parenting Tip #6- Consistency

Family Rules need to be clear and consistent. Both parents must enforce the same rules and it must be done all the time.

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