Parenting Information You Can’t Do Without!

Each and every parent dreads being categorized a ‘bad parent’. All your life when you look forward to settling down with a family, children are an integral part of your dreams. You visualize a picture where your children hang on to every word you utter and are a joy to have around the house. However, when reality intervenes, your picture perfect plans seem to go awry and you find yourself frustrated and stressed out with the never-ending duties of parenthood. You see yourself losing your temper, constantly yelling at your child and being a literal pest of a parent. This is the time when you yearn for some reliable parenting information that can help you surface out of this whirlpool and take control over things the way you have always wanted to.

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It is not that you do not mind being a ‘bad parent’. There are so many times that you try to rationalize your behavior but end up feeling guilty all the same. Most parents who unconsciously behave in an insensitive or callous manner towards their children have had parents who in turn, were negligent to them. Insensitivity does not imply that you physically or mentally abuse your child, but it can refer to behavior that is demanding and emotionally draining for your child. Many a time, you yourself are so exhausted with the responsibilities that life throws at you that you end up being a bad parent who is ill-equipped to deal with parenthood. The parenting information given in this article, will, however help you to objectively analyze your parental traits and correct them where necessary.
The re-assuring news when it comes to these snippets of parenting information is that rectifying negative traits and being a parent that your children respect and love is not a distant dream but a concrete reality. Awareness is the key here and if you consciously work towards eliminating your negative facets as a parent, you will soon feel confident about this role. To begin with, you need to understand that most great parents were blessed with wonderful parents themselves. This makes it relatively easy for them to re-direct their own pleasant experiences in to their relationship with their children.

If you have suffered a setback in this respect, you are more likely to adopt the role that your parents played even if it is the last thing you actually want to do. This also means that the likelihood of your children cloning you when they become parents is also a potent threat that you cannot ignore. So, what do you to get out of this terrible cycle? How do you ensure that future generations of your family are provided a great atmosphere at home that helps them grow and prosper as individuals? As I have said earlier, equipping yourself with some good parenting information will come in very handy and prepare you to be a good parent.

To begin with, never let parenthood be an accident. This means that you should never stumble into parenthood in a thoughtless way. Have you really thought about being a parent in its entirety or do you take the whole thing lightly and just think that it will be fun being a parent? What are the actual reasons that you want to be a parent? If you are very sure about your decision to be a parent, go to the next step in the parenting information chart. Ponder a lot on the kind of parent you want to be for your child. Do you want her to go through the same insecurities that you did or do you want to her to have a healthy and happy childhood with supportive parents who will stand by her through thick and thin? All of this will prepare you for the good parent that you will eventually turn out to be. In fact, this kind of mind mapping is essential before you even become a parent.

The next step in the parenting information chart is to examine your personal shortcomings that really bother you and you would like to change at any cost. For example, if you are afflicted with a negative attitude towards life and are prone to complain at the slightest problem, you have a serious issue at hand. Children easily internalize parental mannerisms and you do not want your child to go through life whining and being pessimistic, do you? So, now is the time to make a serious attempt to change yourself. Even before you begin with your efforts to enhance your personality, do remember that you have not embarked on an easy journey. If you are successful, however, you will do a favor not only to your child but also to yourself.

In present times, we believe in the equality of the sexes. So, unlike earlier times, the father does not hold a position of authority in the house. Children see this equal standing between the parents (as they should!) and are reluctant to accept an inferior role for themselves. This is very natural and there is no apparent harm in it. Keeping this in mind though, you have to modify your behavior with children in a manner that does not defy the parenting information chart. Keeping this information in mind you need to understand that authoritarian or controlled parenting rarely works and sticks out like a sore thumb.

If you indulge in this form of parenting, you are likely to be seen as an anomaly that does not fit into the normal pattern of parenting. Careening the other way and being an over-indulgent parent is also not the ideal solution. If you do so, you will harm your child more than doing her any good. A wise course to pursue is to change with the times and treat your children in a benign yet disciplined way.

Last but not the least, enrolling for parenting education classes can prove extremely beneficial for gaining top-notch parenting information that will contribute to the happiness of your family. Many people feel that joining these classes is an admission of failure to be a good parent. This is a complete falsehood. Parenting education classes help you think out of the box and also help in being a creative and fun parent. They present you with different alternatives to situations when it comes to dealing with your kids. You can meet other parents in these classes and exchange ideas and problems that you normally face while parenting. In other words, it gives a different perspective to parenting which is so necessary to keep in pace with the changing times.

To put it succinctly, keeping this parenting information chart in mind will solve a lot of your handicaps as a parent and you will finally be able to develop a meaningful relationship with your children!

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