Preschool Learning Activities

Do you have a preschooler that you’re having trouble keeping up with? Are you finding that one activity lasts mere minutes before a new one is desired? Is your preschooler full of energy and you’re having a hard time knowing how to channel that energy?

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If this sounds like you and your child, then you’ll love these preschool learning activities. Not only will they help encourage and develop your child’s brain development and creativity, but they’ll also be FUN!

1) Make alphabet cookies. Check out this great recipe for alphabet cookies you can make with your child. It’s fun, educational, and delicious to boot!

2) Take a “Nature Walk”. Grab a basket or bucket and collect interesting items a long the way. When you get back home, you can look at all the interesting things you found and reminisce.

3) Playdoh! This is always a hit. Help encourage creativity by giving your child interesting tools to help shape their masterpieces.

4) Dance around the room. My son and I LOVE to dance. We turn on some fun music and let the rhyme tire us out (and just in time for naptime!)

5) Take a picnic to the park. Let your child help you pack a yummy & nutritious lunch to enjoy while at the park.

6) Flash cards. Work on your child’s reading skills by utilizing flash cards. Find cards that are interesting to your child and get excited about looking at the cards.

7) Create sandcastles. Finding a sandbox or sandtable can offer hours of fun for your preschooler. Pick up some sand toys and show them how to create sandcastles. How fun!

8) Get an inexpensive wading pool and have fun splashing around.

9) Turn on the sprinklers and fun around. Do this with your kids…they love it!

10) Play dress-up with your child. Have fun with old hats, shoes, jewelry and whatever else you can find to help with the festive time.

11) Throw a party just for fun. Bake a cake, get some party hats and blowers, and celebrate even a mundane event.

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