5 Rainy Day Fun Activities For You and Your Children

I personally love rainy days and I live in the perfect place for it! Rainy day fun activities for me involve a warm cup of coffee and a comfy couch. It rains more than it suns where I live and I personally love it. Rainy days provide such a cozy and relaxed feeling for me, and when it rains the world just seems to be a better place.

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That is, until I had children.

Soon that cozy, relaxed feeling I am so fond of turned to stress and fear as I witness my three boys running through our home destroying anything in their path. How I wish they could see what I see and curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book. But alas, I doubt they’ll ever get there.

In my despair to find some order when my boys are cooped up inside all day when it rains, one evening, (exhausted) I began creating a list of activities my boys would enjoy that could safely be done indoors. I was a bit doubtful that all of my rainy day fun activities would hold their attention long enough, but to my pleasant surprise they did!

If you are looking for rainy day fun activities for your child to enjoy indoors while saving your home and sanity, check these out!

Rainy Day Fun Activity #1: Create a Fun Puppet Show!

Gather up all your entertaining puppets, create a make-shift theater, and let your imaginations run while as you put on fun little plays with your kids! Don’t have any puppets? Pull out some paper lunch bags, get out the crayons, yarn, and whatever else you can find around the home to create your entertaining fellows! Even simple socks will work. Kids love this activity as it not only challenges their creative juices but also provides great quality time as a family. You can even work in great little lessons you would like your children to learn into the plot of your play. This is a really fun rainy day activity!

Rainy Day Fun Activity #2: Create a Rainy Day Box

My mother did this for me when I was a child and I just loved it. There was some allure attached to the rainy day box, knowing the activities kept within were “special” for rainy days. This will require some planning and forethought but is a great way to entertain your kids when they’re stuck inside. Fill up a box with toys and activities and tuck it away ONLY for rainy days. Just the exclusiveness alone gets children happy and excited!

Rainy Day Fun Activity #3: Make Your Own Playdough

This is both fun and educational. Get your kids in the kitchen and teach them how to make their own playdough! Jump online and find a great recipe for playdough and let the fun begin! Making playdough and enjoying the play is fun!

Rainy Day Fun Activity #4: Pasta Works of Art

Pull out some paper, glue, glitter, and raid your pantry for all the different pasta you can find to create works of art that encourages your child’s inner-most Picasso!

Rainy Day Fun Activity #5: Pudding Painting

When I was a child, I loved to finger paint with pudding. Chocolate was my favorite! Mix up some pudding and let your children create delicious art.

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