4 Tips to Stop Siblings Fighting

If you’re a parent desperately looking for ways to stop siblings fighting then you are not alone. Many researchers have stated throughout the decades that sibling fighting and rivalry is a common, normal part of family life. While this may be true, it does not have to be true for your family. Instead of dealing with bickering siblings, picture a family where your children get along, care for, and love each other. Before you sit back and say, “Yeah right. Not my kids!” consider these tips from Dr. Sears, one of the world’s most renowned pediatricians for helping to establish harmony in your family and home and stop siblings fighting.

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Stop Siblings Fighting Tip #1: Help develop a connection between your children.

Introducing a new baby into the family can be tough. Imagine what it would be like for you as a young child used to being Number 1. All of your parent’s attention is on you then BAM! In an instant your life has changed. There is now a new person demanding your beloved parents’ time and you can’t seem to command their attention as you once did. How tough that must be. Before your new baby comes, consider making a lot of emotional deposits into your child’s “bank”. Filling them up emotionally with a lot of love, affection, and affirmation will help them feel good about themselves and have a solid sense of self. They will be much more able to accept a new baby and the change in family dynamics.

Stop Siblings Fighting Tip #2: Help promote sensitivity amongst siblings.

Discuss with your child the advantages of having a sibling. Point out all the wonderful ways their life will be enhanced by having a sibling.

Stop Siblings Fighting Tip #3: Help to structure your children's relationship with their siblings.

Encourage loving actions such as comforting and praying for their sibling, working together on a project, experiencing fun together, encouraging co-sleeping, and encouraging one sibling to teach the other a certain skill. These shared activities can help develop a bond between your children.

Stop Siblings Fighting Tip #4: Squash sibling fighting at its beginning.

Make sure family rules and your expectations for behavior are clearly defined and squash fights before they start. Be consistent and alert and give warnings if you see behavior start to go down the wrong path.

By following these 4 simple steps you’ll be on the path to stop siblings from fighting.

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