Five Tips for Teaching Children about Religion and Spirituality

Church and religion are usually not exciting topics for most children however, teaching children about religion and spirituality is essential. The average child and teenager out there simply does not like to be told what they can do and what they shouldn’t and let’s face it; sometimes church and faith can be boring to a child! But in order for us parents to pass down our spiritual beliefs, we must make an effort to teach our children about religion and spirituality and instill spiritual qualities and beliefs onto our children.

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Teaching Children about Religion Tip #1: Define

Define for yourself what your beliefs are and what spiritual denomination you subscribe to. Make sure both parents agree on the direction you would like to take your child in the spiritual realm and identify the benefits that will be your child’s by having this influence in their life.

Teaching Children about Religion Tip #2: Strengthen your relationship

A child will not likely consider your spiritual view if you do not have a good, trusting, and honest relationship. Make sure you spend quality and “quantity” time with your child in order for trust to develop and conversations to begin.

Teaching Children about Religion Tip #3: Model

Make sure you’re modeling your faith by becoming involved and gauging your life by the principals defined in your faith. You want to practice what you preach if you would like your child to follow in your footsteps.

Teaching Children about Religion Tip #4: Have a conversation

Have a conversation with your child, clearly defining what you believe and they way you would like for them to go. Be willing to answer any questions and avoid being judgmental if your child asks questions that tend to combat what you believe it. Above all, show love towards your child and let them know you are lovingly available if they want to discuss any questions they have.

Teaching Children about Religion Tip #5: Get involved

Get your family consistently involved with faith-based activities. Weekly visits to church, the synagogue, activities, etc. with people who share the same faith will help your child develop relationships with people who share your same views and help to instill your spiritual values within your child.

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