Teaching Children Honesty

A person of high character always exhibits honesty, therefore teaching children honesty is essential. Honesty is a quality that is harder to find than it should be. As parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure we strive to teach our children the importance of honesty, but how do we do this in a culture where it’s important to look out for “# 1” at all cost? Read below for some tips that can help you in teaching children honesty.

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Teaching Children Honesty Tip #1: Develop a strong relationship with your child.

The first step in encouraging honesty in children is to make sure you have a respectful, honest, and trusting relationship with your child. If your child looks up to you and understands you want the best for them, the easier it will be to teach them moral qualities they may struggle with.

Teaching Children Honesty Tip #2: Model honesty

As with most qualities we want to instill in our children, we want to model the importance of honesty. In all areas of your life (even if your children aren’t looking), be honest. No one will take a teacher seriously if they’re behaving in hypocritical ways, so make sure you practice what you preach.

Teaching Children Honesty Tip #3: Confront

If you suspect your child is lying, confront them directly rather than waiting to see if they are going to lie or not.

Teaching Children Honesty Tip #4: Correct for lying and let natural consequences play out

If you catch your child in a lie, confront him or her and let them know how disappointed you are. A child with a conscience will feel remorseful and will feel the natural consequence of lying.

Teaching Children Honesty Tip #5: Truth is always better

Teach your child that even if the truth is painful, it is better than a pretty lie. Teach them the importance of being truthful.

Teaching children honesty is essential and easy to do when following these five simple steps.

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