Six Tips for Teaching Morals to Children

In an age where moral decline is on the rise, teaching morals to children is more important than ever. It is vital for parents to take a stand on what they stand for and clearly expect the same from their children. But with so many forces competing for the hearts and minds of our children, this can be an incredibly difficult chore! What can parents do to help instill our morals into our children?

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Teaching Morals to Children Tip #1: Identify what morals you stand for

Like anything, it is first important to define what your ideals are in a variety of life areas. If you find it helpful, brainstorm on a piece of paper what morals you expect from your children and which ones contribute to a healthy and productive life.

Teaching Morals to Children Tip #2: Model

Nothing is more important than modeling your morals to your children. There is nothing worse than a parent who exhibits hypocrisy, so make sure that whatever you expect from your child you in turn expect from yourself.

Teaching Morals to Children Tip #3: Create a healthy relationship with your child

Make sure you are spending quantity and quality time with your child to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust. In order to build trust, this must be done.

Teaching Morals to Children Tip #4: Clearly define your morals to your children

Make sure your children clearly understand what standard of morality that you expect from them and the consequences that will follow by not living up to them.

Teaching Morals to Children Tip #5: Positive reinforcement

Make sure you are giving your children plenty of positive reinforcement. Teach them how good it feels inside when they behave morally and responsibly.

Teaching Morals to Children Tip #6: Find good role models

Surround your family and children with people who exhibit the morals you believe in. You may find yourself needing to monitor the TV/radio, joining a church or synagogue, bringing healthy people into your family circle or limiting time spent with those who may undermine your morals.

By following these simple guidelines for teaching morals to children you will soon be able to see positive and encouraging results!

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