Volunteering Children: Teach Your Child the Importance of Helping Others

As parents, I feel it’s important to teach our children the importance of helping others. Let’s face it: an overwhelming amount of children and teenagers these days feel entitled to just about everything. Helping out others for the sake of helping is so foreign to them. This attitude so common in children, if left to increase, has dire consequences not just for their own wellbeing, but also for the success of our culture as a whole. It is important that our children learn that we need to help and care for other’s that need it for they too, one day, may need help as well.

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There are such wonderful lessons that can be learned for the children and teenagers who give to others. The sense of accomplishment and caring for others is something that can greatly impact children and teenagers for the better and is, therefore, something that us parents must nurture in order for us to raise responsible and caring members of society.

It is also important to consider the importance of setting a good example in this area. Children learn what their parents model, so it is vital to demonstrate to your children the importance of helping others. Volunteering as a family is a wonderful way to create some family unity, bring together closeness, and learn how wonderful it feels to freely and unselfishly give to others.

Are you looking for some volunteering ideas for your family? Check out the list below for some great volunteering ideas that your child will absolutely benefit from.

Volunteering Children Idea #1: Nursing Homes

It’s a tremendously sad reality, but it’s true. So many elderly individuals are moved into nursing homes and are left there with little visitation and interaction with even their own family. Older individuals are treasures and must be treated with love, dignity, and friendship. What better way to show our children the value of elderly individuals than to visit and build relationships with them. Please consider this option as I believe these wonderful people are one of the most neglected population in our society. It saddens me, especially since these special individuals carry with them so much love and knowledge that can be shared with so many.

Volunteering Children Idea #2: Soup Kitchens

Helping to prepare and serve food to those who are needy is a wonderful way to teach our children to be grateful for what they have and to feel a sense of community by giving to those who cannot afford a meal.

Volunteering Children Idea #3: Habitat for Humanity

This is another great organization to get involve with! Helping to build a home for a family in need is a wonderful way to, again, teach your child to be grateful for what they have and to give to a family in need.

Volunteering Children Idea #4: Hospital Volunteerism

Visiting sick children and adults is a wonderful way to give to others. Reading books and just visiting means so much to those who need some relief from the constant reminder that they have some health problems.

These are just some ideas to help encourage volunteerism in children. Sit down as a family and decide together what you would like to do! If your children are not on board, don’t worry about it. As they go through the actions of giving, they’re bound to see the value in it and begin to feel a sense of community in time.

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