Family Food for Thought: Eliminate Breakfast Skippers

No matter how many times we’ve heard from nutrition experts about the importance of breakfast, there are still those elusive breakfast skippers who continue skipping this crucial meal.

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Parents need to learn to be good role models for their children by making time for breakfast and eliminating the practice of breakfast skipping from their family.

Studies have consistently been done on children who do and those who do not eat a well-balanced breakfast. These studies confirm that those who do eat a balanced breakfast are the ones that are doing better in school.

Take a bite out of these additional breakfast research findings:

• Breakfast eaters earn higher grades, can pay attention better and can manage academic problems better than breakfast skippers.

• Breakfast skippers give into junk food cravings more often than breakfast eaters, thereby increasing their chances of childhood obesity.

• Eating a breakfast that includes high calcium foods has shown behavior improvements in children.

While these are only a few findings of the breakfast studies, it is just common knowledge that starting the day eating a well-balanced meal is detrimental to your child’s health and education.

Stress the importance of eating breakfast to your children and allow for ample time in the morning to eat breakfast.

By eliminating breakfast skipping, you will soon see the changes in your child and in their overall lifestyle.

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