Healthy Kids and Exercise: 6 Tips for Parents

In today’s culture, more and more kids are taking to the couch to play video games and watch the latest on television. More than ever, childhood obesity rates are soaring and it’s up to us parents to put a stop to it and help promote healthy kids through exercise.

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The bottom line is that healthy kids exercise, but before we get our children moving, we need to get moving ourselves. If we live a sedentary lifestyle, so will our children. If we do not make exercise a priority, our children will not, either, so we must first lead by example and show our children that fitness is important.

Below are some tips to help get your child moving and on the way to a fitness-filled lifestyle!

Healthy Kids and Exercise Tip #1: Tailor Fitness Around Your Child’s Interests

Think about your child and their particular interests. If you’re unsure, ask! Find out what activities they’ll enjoy and work it in. Bike riding, hiding, taking a walk, playing tag; find out what your child enjoys and go with it!

Healthy Kids and Exercise Tip #2: Establish a Routine

Sit down with your child and create an exercise schedule together. Try to get in at least 60 minutes of activity a day.

Healthy Kids and Exercise Tip #3: Be Creative!

Teach your child creative ways to work in exercise. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to a destination instead of asking for a ride, or walking the dog are all great ways to get in movement without even trying!

Healthy Kids and Exercise Tip #4: Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during exercise is vital! Discuss the importance of drinking water during exertion. You may even want to go out to your local store together and pick out a water bottle to make it more interesting and fun for them. For young children, buy some stickers or even special permanent markers to decorate their water bottle…they’ll love it!

Healthy Kids and Exercise Tip #5: Check Out Organized Activities

Check out your local recreation center or the internet for a wide range of fun fitness activities that may interest your child! Hiking clubs, baton twirling, dance classes, archery….the options are great and oftentimes very inexpensive. As a plus, find a fitness club you can join with your child. Not only will it get you fit, but will also allow for some quality time together. What a win-win!

Healthy Kids and Exercise Tip #6: Make it Fun!

Whatever you do, make sure you do your best to make exercise positive and fun! Your child will look forward to exercising and create life-long habits of fitness and health if you do.

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