Tips for Writing a Winning Essay

When it comes to writing a winning essay here are a few simple tips.

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1. Complete an outline before starting- Outlining the essay before starting helps to ensure the student includes all parts of the essay that are required.

2. Go somewhere alone-By sitting by yourself (or themselves) the student is able to fully process the prompt fully.

3.Visit a library- While most resources can now be found online for essay writing, sometimes visiting the library helps the student to find books that may be hard to find (if not impossible) to find online.

4. Visit a writing center-If your school has a writing center devoted to helping make better writers the staff at the center can spot common problem areas such as run on sentences, comma splices and missing quotation marks.

5. Use outside resources wisely- This means to use Scholarly articles when writing academic papers. These articles are ones that can be found in school library databases, as well as in books that can be found in the library and online.

6. Ask for another set of eyes- By having another person or persons read the article, you can gain access to your mistakes, things such as sentence fragments, comma splices, conjunction errors and so on.

7. Write multiple drafts- Never be afraid to change your writing and never be afraid to use dictionaries or a thesaurus.

8. Edit,Edit,Edit- When writing a winning essay, always edit your work. Even Shakespeare had to change words every now and then.

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