The Art of English Language: How to Speak and Write It

A painter gets immense satisfaction from placing on his palette the most expressive colors and hues that communicate his moods, feelings, or images. The master cook spices up his cuisine by concocting combinations of food, ingredients, and seasonings so that he might please the palate of his gourmet guests to the utmost. An automobile enthusiast must surely quiver with intense excitement, drooling with pleasure in the presence of an exquisitely adorned body of chrome, metal, glass, and rubber.

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Whatever the object of your special delight or passion might be, you will be able, with pleasure, to transmute your love for that object to the art of English language both in writing and speaking. You will be able to provide your spirit and soul with a lofty boost and they will soar high above that demonic white and blank palette which taunts YOU, the creative, expressive and informative writer that you would be.

You will be compelled by your passion to search for and find the right combinations and placements of words that will allow you to manage and bring to vibrant life those illusive images and ideas that persecute you, whirling about in your brain like uncontrollable free-radicals. You will enjoy the comparable satisfaction that a painting enthusiast enjoys once the appropriate communion of hues, shades, angles or shapes are found and securely placed on canvas.

Just as the culinary artist refines his cuisine by anticipatory exploration, just as the sports devotee pursues his athleticism to perfection, as the musical composer lovingly arranges his notations on the lined page with careful attention to bar staff and key, as the computer aficionado fanatically tinkers with his most cherished technological gadget of choice, so will you learn to shift the passions of your natural and God-given inclinations to the art of English language and more specifically, creative writing.

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