Defining the Similarities of the Ancient Phoenicians and Our Current Reading Practices

It seems that the Ancient Phoenicians discovered the cure for our current plague of illiteracy a long time ago.

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The Ancient Phoenicians have been credited with creating one of the most effective ways to teach reading that is still used all over the world today; phonics. Phonics is the basis of our written English also. The letters of the alphabet represent the sounds that come out of our mouth. When a child masters the sound/symbol relationship he or she is on the path to reading.

So, what is behind our Plague of Illiteracy?

In the 1930’s America’s literacy was one of the highest in the world. Now it is one of the lowest. Half of our adults can’t read at a 6th grade level and 40% of our students cannot read their textbooks. Years ago our schools adapted a radically new way of reading; memorizing words as a series of pictures. Unfortunately our brains cannot memorize as many pictures as there are words in our language.

“My child reads well but, just doesn’t comprehend!”

Most reading programs lack the understanding on how the brain processes reading. The brain is like a computer that processes text (written words) and graphics (pictures). Most reading programs try to teach to the graphics part which causes confusion and lack of comprehension.

Is phonics really the best way?

Research shows that systematic explicit phonics works! When sound/symbol and the rules governing them are included in a step by step progression, every child can learn to read well.

Why are teachers coming from all over the world to learn the Academic Associates Reading Program?

Teachers are coming from as far away as Asia to check out this program because, Academic Associates has developed a program that is highly effective in teaching children to read. This program has even helped where other methods have failed.

It is often wise advice to learn lessons from those who have come before and it seems as though a lot can be learn from the Ancient Phoenicians when it comes to teaching and learning the essential skill of reading and reading comprehension.

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