Good Study Tips for Vocabulary Tests

Check out the good study tips below for improving scores on vocabulary tests.

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Good Study Tips #1- Make a flashcard for each of the vocabulary words. On one side write the word. On the other side write the definition(s) for that word. Read what you’re writing aloud while you are making the flashcard, it might help you to remember what you are writing. (You can also open a free account to make your own electronic flashcards: Study Stack - or Quizlet - Be sure to save them before you log out in case you need to review them later.

Good Study Tips #2- Practice going over the words each day by turning the flashcards so that only the definitions are showing. Read the definitions to see if you can think of the word that is being defined. Turn the card over to see if you are correct. Review those that are difficult for you until you can get them all correct. Ask another person to show you the cards the same way, one at a time, after you have studied them yourself.

Good Study Tips #3- Make up your own test on the words by numbering a sheet of paper from #1 to the number for the total of words. Mix up your flashcards with just the definitions showing. Read the definition and write the word that you think is being defined. Don’t look at the answer until the end. Remember to keep the cards in order until the end of your "test." When you have written an answer for all of the cards, while keeping the cards in the same order, turn the cards over to see how many words that you know. Review daily any definitions for words that you did not know until the test.

Good Study Tips #4- Another way to review for the test is to use an audio recording device.

If you have a PC:

- To record your voice on your computer you will need a working microphone

- Find the Windows Sound Recorder which is under the Accessories section of the Program Menu

- Press the record button and begin talking

If you have a Mac:

- You can use Audacity Recording Software

- Download it for free here:

- Install it on your computer

- Click the red “Record” button. Then click “Stop” when you are finished

- Play record to listen

- You can save it for later use as well

You can also use GarageBand (Taken from the iLife Multimedia Tutorials on the site)

- From the Track Menu choose “New Track”

- Under “Track Info”, choose “Real Instrument” then “Vocals”

- Select the Effect Type

- If you are using a microphone to record in GarageBand and you are not using headphones, go to the bottom right-hand side to turn off “monitoring” in that track

- Click the red Record button and start saying what you need to say

- When you are finished click “Play” to stop the recording

Record your voice using one of the methods above giving a number from "1" to "20" (or the number for the total number of words for your list). After each number that you say, read the definition(s) for that word. Repeat that number and the definition(s). Wait five seconds, and record in the same way until you have gone through all the words in the current vocabulary lists. Wait about ten seconds more and record the numbers again, but this time say the word that matches that definition. (This is your answer key!)

Rewind if necessary, put away all notes, answers, etc., and number a sheet of paper. Play the recording and take your "test". You should be able to see how well you have learned the definitions for the current vocabulary chapter.

The best idea is to work on each new word list a few minutes each day so that you won’t have to study all the word lists at once just before the test. Take advantage of these good study tips for vocabulary tests and you’ll soon be on your way to improved vocabulary test scores.

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