10 Creative Tips for Helping Kids to Read

Efficient reading skills are vital if our children are to grow to lead a successful life. Helping kids to read is one of the most important tasks that a parent has. Yet for some kids, reading is BORING! This was me when I was young and there was nothing that bored me more than having to read. Every summer, my mom encouraged me to read by allotting 20 minutes a day on a blanket under our oak tree in the backyard to reading an interesting book I selected at the library. Maybe it helped, but it wasn’t until I was an adult that I grasped an interest in reading.

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While it can be difficult helping kids to read, it is important. Consider applying the following ideas to help encourage reading in kids and a love of reading with your child.

Helping Kids to Read Tip #1- Avoid forcing your child to read. Doing so will only have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to do. Instead, offer a lot of positive reinforcement by praising your child when they do read. Also try allotting a chunk of time when the whole family reads. This will gently direct the child toward choosing to read themselves, rather than being forced into it.

Tip #2- Model reading by checking out books at the library or purchasing them for yourself. Let your child see you reading…and enjoying it!

Tip #3- Allow your child to choose their own book to read. Praise them when you catch them reading and don’t force them to finish the book if they don’t want to.

Tip #4- Encourage your child to read about topics relating to their hobbies. For example, if they enjoy cars, help them search out material about cars.

Tip #5- Discuss books your child reads for class and listen to their interpretation of what they’re reading.

Tip #6- Help your child develop ownership in their books by helping them to write their names in their books. You can even buy cute stickers with your child’s name on them to make it even more exciting!

Tip #7- Schedule regular family trips to the library and/or bookstore.

Tip #8- Give your child a book allowance. Children love this because they can spend their book money on something that interests them.

Tip #9- Read to your children. Develop a great storytelling style to add life to your stories and watch your stories to come alive!

Tip #10- Let your child read to you. Children love to do this so encourage them to do so. Don’t forget the positive reinforcement!

By following these simple tips, helping kids to read will be a breeze and your children will reap the benefits.

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