How to Improve Students' Writing Skills

By learning to improve students’ writing skills, their chances for success increase exponentially. Students’ writing skills are crucial whether outlining a research paper, creating a short story or poem, organizing a letter to a potential employer or a scholarship committee, or setting up a Web site. How effective your student becomes in writing can make the difference between earning an "A" versus a "C," and landing that first co-op or part-time job! Below are some additional reasons and ways to improve students’ writing skills.

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Before beginning to write, students need to gain an understanding of how the English language works to their benefit. Writing and speaking the language are separate skill sets. How we speak in everyday life is different than the way those same words will look on a printed page. How you write is not how you talk. When students learn to write well, it will show their teachers, readers, employers, and others just how much potential they have to communicate facts, figures, and ideas. Your students’ skill level reflects what they value as a student or as an employee.

Most students want to defy writing even when it can become the most enjoyable time spent doing homework. I believe that is a result of misunderstanding how the English language can work to their benefit. Once they master the fundamentals of writing well, then the practice of writing their project becomes time that they will look forward to scheduling for themselves.

Here is where I can step in to support your goal of improving your students’ writing skills... no matter what they need to write. Together, we can strengthen their ability to make good use of the tools of language that they have already been given so far during their career as a student, no matter what grade or level they are at in their studies.

How can we sharpen the tools of language? Become a master builder using the parts of speech, like tools, to construct a piece of writing that presents your topic or idea clearly. Pick up these tools and put them to work to make your job as a writer easier as you organize the various facts, figures, quotations, and other information that you will use to write, not speak, about your topic.

I can provide a "blueprint" that will guide your student through the maze of researching, organizing, outlining, drafting, writing, re-writing, and polishing that very important piece of writing that has been assigned by their teacher or professor. I can and will support your goal to improve your students’ writing skills.

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