Reading Tips For Parents

Help your child catch the "I love to read bug" by:

1. Having books and magazines readily available for you and your child to share, whether at home or while waiting for an appointment.

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2. Setting up a "Family Reading Area" in a quiet corner with good lighting.

3. Encouraging a regular 15 minute family story time a couple of days a week. (children look forward to this and will often suggest it or remind you.)

4. Taking turns reading to each other; parent reads 1 page, child reads next page...etc

5. Gently showing your child the sequence of letters in a word that was mistaken for a different word. For example the child said "house", but the word was "horse". "Look Johnny, it has h..o..R..s..e = horse

6. Reading to your child even when s/he is able to.

7. Helping your child have successful reading experiences by aiding in picking books that are not too difficult.

8. Discussing the story you've just read and/or asking questions as the two of you read; such as "why do you think he..."

9. Also, don't underestimate the power of leading by example. Children who grow up watching a parent who enjoys reading for pleasure, often do the same when they are adults.

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