7 tips for Learning with ADD and ADHD

If your child has ADD or ADHD and are struggling in school, have them follow these tips for learning with ADD and ADHD.

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1. Be Creative- Have a certain time and space for working, one that is not related to sleeping or eating.

2. Be Quiet- If there are people who are talking near the student, have them move away from the student by going to another room or stepping outside the house or place where the student is working so that full concentration can be maintained.

3. No Distractions- Do your best to not have the student work in high noise areas, as this distracts them. Keep students learning with ADD or ADHD away from things like heaters, doorways and windows.

4. Establish Routines- Having a student pack their book bag the night that they finish their homework, helps them to avoid losing very important items such as a book or test paper.

5. Planners/organizers- Have the student use a planner or another type of organizer to write down each day's/week's assignments. Then have the student put this in their backpack to bring home. This helps them to see what they have to do each day and how they need to accomplish their goals.

6. Use a Behavior contract/chart- Using a system such as this, helps the student to see that if they get off task, then certain consequences will take place. However, at the same time, by completing this each day this also helps the student to see if they are on good behavior, then they can be rewarded just as easily.

7. Give frequent breaks- Allow the student to get up every hour or so and take a ten minute break to recharge their brains.

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