Ten Daily Learning Activities for You and Your Child

Is learning just plain drudgery for your child? Is it something they endure so they can finally get to do what they enjoy? Does your child’s learning stop while he’s on vacation? Daily learning activities pop up constantly and are great ways for your child to learn even when they’re not in school.

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Try these daily learning activities to get your child learning without even realizing it.

1. Go outside- Take a picnic or camp in the backyard. Ask your child questions about nature. Be a good role model by helping them look up the answers to tough questions.

2. Go to an educational center- Many such centers have interactive demonstrations that kids love. They can learn about many topics in one place.

3. Go to the library- Even with budget cutbacks, many libraries have programs designed for children. So, in addition to checking out books appropriate for their ages and interests, “check out” any programs which may interest them.

4. Go to an art exhibit or museum- Let your child talk about the art. You can talk about the finer points for them if they’re old enough.

5. Play games with your child- Board games aid their social skills, an important facet of their education. In addition, a sport will teach them the value of practice and self-discipline.

6. Go to the grocery store- Who would think that a grocery store is an educational venue? But it is! Every time you go, I’ll bet you select the same varieties of fruits and vegetables, don’t you? Let your child select an unfamiliar fruit or vegetable. If it’s imported then there’s a geography and world culture lesson just waiting for you.

7. Grow a garden- Many children do not understand that their food does not grow in a back room at the grocery store. Plant and tend a tiny garden with your child. (I say “tiny” just so it stays manageable all season long.) This encourages responsibility and helps them understand consequences. But, most of all, they experience delayed gratification. Let them experience the wonder of nature and the joy of pulling up a radish for which they patiently waited.

8. Cook together- Help them prepare their favorite dish. They practice reading and arithmetic by reading the recipe and by measuring the ingredients. I wonder if my mother knew that I would always remember the delight of making Christmas cookies with her.

9. Make friends with someone at a retirement home- This can develop into a wonderful relationship especially if your child has no local grandparents or elderly relatives.

10. Visit the zoo or bird watch- Bring your camera to take photos if you like. The whole point of this time is to calm down. Just sit. The more you watch, the more you will see.

By implementing these simple and fun daily learning activities your child will be learning valuable lessons without even realizing it and having fun too!

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