Four Effective Study Techniques for Success

By following these four effective study techniques students and parents alike will begin to see improvements in information retention resulting in academic success and excellence.

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Effective Study Techniques Tip #1- Establish a consistent study schedule

Having a routine in place for a consistent study schedule will make it easier to follow through with studying, completing homework, and preparing for quizzes and exams. On the other hand, if a student’s study schedule is different every day, it can be very difficult to remember the study schedule and make it possible that either the study time is not completed or is not done efficiently.

Effective Study Techniques Tip #2- Remember to take breaks

One important note is to occasionally take breaks studying. Looking over and working on the same material for hours at a time can lead to exhaustion and overload. This is one reason that in most schools, class periods do not last longer than an hour. The time between class periods serves as a break for students to be moving around (going from one class to another) or use the restroom. At home breaks can include a light snack, getting something to drink, or using the restroom. At the same time, taking too long of a break can be a temptation to become sidetracked and not finish homework or other school-related work.

Effective Study Techniques Tip #3- Do not wait until the last minute and try to “cram” for a quiz or test

Many students of a wide range of ages have a tendency to put off studying and wait to the last minute to review and complete assignments to prepare for an exam. This “cram” method has multiple drawbacks. First of all, it is possible for a student to get discouraged and feel overwhelmed by trying to cover all of the material in one day. The day before a quiz or test should be one in which a student is merely reviewing material they have been studying all along, perhaps focusing more on material that is causing more difficulty to the student or very recently covered in class.

Effective Study Techniques Tip #4- Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and mindset.

Whether it’s working on a project, completing a homework assignment, or preparing for an assessment maintaining a positive attitude and being optimistic goes a long way. After all, if a student starts a task or preparation for an assessment believing that the material is difficult or that he/she will never “get it,” this almost always adversely affects a student’s recall and preparation. With a pessimistic mindset, this can not only make it difficult to focus on the assignments and studying but also can cause a student to give up if they feel the material is difficult and are having trouble focusing. With a negative mindset, it is often very difficult to focus and successfully complete the tasks at hand. The old adage “Think positively!” is so true.

Applying these four effective study techniques makes a huge difference not only in retention of subject matter but also on subsequent quizzes, exams, and projects. Whatever the case may be, it is important for a student to never get discouraged and give up. As the old saying goes, “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!”

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