How an Elite Tutor Can Assess Your Child’s Learning Style

An exceptional and elite tutor can quickly assess your child’s learning style. So what are the various learning styles? Seeing, hearing, touching and smelling. However, these senses predominate in different individuals. For example, your child may learn best by hearing his or her teacher talk about the subject. If your child asks for you to become involved in tutoring them, it would be vital to orally quiz them. Why? Clearly, that is how they learn best.

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While you know your child, how can a tutor quickly assess their dominant learning style? An elite tutor who is top notch at their profession is, above all, a skilled listener. He or she should pick up on the nuances that a novice tutor might not notice. If your son or daughter says, "I see what you mean," then likely they are a predominantly a visual learner. On the other hand, if they frequently say, "I hear what you mean," it is probable that they are predominantly an auditory learner.

So what’s the point? An elite tutor can quickly assess the best methods to tutor your child simply by listening. The $150 diagnostic test usually is not necessary. In comparison, how many hours of tutoring could that $150 purchase instead?

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