Kids Online: Building an Individual Program

Parents who are considering hiring an online tutor to work with their child might be concerned that the lack of face-to-face interaction could impede academic progress. They need not worry; studies conducted with students who have learning disabilities or challenges have found that the capabilities of the students were increased through the use of assistive technology (Kelly, 2010). In fact, kids online instruction allows the student to engage one-on-one with a teacher without the distraction of a busy classroom environment and can in many cases provide more opportunities for focus.

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Think of it this way: while in an online session, your child has one teacher and the teacher has one student. There is no noise in the hallway, no intercom announcements, and no other students demanding attention. While learning that is predominantly text-based may cause challenges for a student with a different learning style, the online environment can be specifically tailored to the individual student. In addition, open and constant communication can exist between instructor and student without competition from other sources (Kelly, 2010).

The explanation for the increase in kids’ online learning and its success with students who may need extra help lies in the expertise of the teacher. According to Wormeli (2003), four areas of proficiency are needed.

1. The teacher must really know the student.
2. The teacher must be knowledgeable of the curriculum.
3. The teacher must be well-versed in cognitive learning theory.
4. The teacher must know how to differentiate instruction.

Nowhere is it easier for a teacher to demonstrate and use these skills then in an online environment where the teacher gets to interact with the student one on one, instruct in his or her area of experience, utilize theories of cognitive development, and individualize instruction. Every tutoring session gives the teacher opportunities for continual assessment of the student’s learning; each interaction continues to build the teacher’s whole portrait of the student.

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