Why 20 Minutes with a Live Online Tutor Equals 60 Minutes in the Classroom

Have you ever considered a live online tutor? If not, consider this. When your child enters the school classroom, the teacher has between 20 and 30 students to manage throughout the lesson. The key word in this sentence is "manage". Classroom teachers have to spend a lot of time just managing a room full of learners even before the lesson gets started.

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Taking attendance, making announcements and getting absent students caught up and other distractions use up too much of the teacher's time. While these things are not bad, they greatly dilute the teacher's effectiveness in advancing the curriculum goals of the day. I know how this works because I was a classroom teacher for 28 years in public middle and high schools.

With a live online tutor, the student and teacher can get to the point of the current lesson immediately. If the tutor has done a professional job of getting to know the student in the first few sessions, and has a good conversation with parents about the learning goals of the child, this interaction can be very powerful.

Classroom teachers can only give a student a few seconds of attention throughout the class time available, if any at all. In my experience, only a few students can gain personal attention of the teacher: the students who are aggressive in asking for the teacher's time, the ones who are self-confident enough to ask questions, or the ones who impact the class negatively with their behavior.

None of those situations come to play in the one-on-one environment of a live online tutor session. The experienced and talented tutors and teachers get to know the learning style and skills of their students, and can make extremely effective use of the session time. A parent consultation or conversation at the end of the class session is an important benefit for the student also.

A live online tutor can ask pertinent questions, allow the student to take their time in explaining their thinking process, and can really listen to the child to best help them.

So, when your child connects with a great online teacher, you will know that there will be no wasted time and that the student is definitely getting your money's worth, unlike the typical overcrowded school classroom! So, think about this: during a school classroom lesson, your son or daughter could have experienced three quality learning experiences with a live online tutor. Three for one, and much more effective, motivating, and targeted!

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