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Tip #1- Evaluate Your Study Habits and Change Them…For Good (Tip 1 of 10)

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Congratulations, you have taken the first step in becoming the student you deserve to be! By evaluating your study habits and changing them for the better you can easily raise your grades. Soon you will be on your way to academic success, and you can look forward to getting report cards that will make you proud.

Now, it is time to take an honest look at your study habits. Take the following quiz to see how your study habits measure up:

1. How often do you do homework during an average school week?

a. more than 3 times a week
b. less than 3 times a week
c. never

2. Which statement best describes your work habits at school?

a. I always turn in assignments on time
b. I sometimes turn in work late or not at all
c. I have low grades because I am missing multiple assignments

3. Where do you record your daily assignments?

a. in a planner or on my phone
b. on the assignment paper
c. I don’t write down my assignments

4. How do you spend your time in class at school?

a. listening, taking notes, reading, and doing class work
b. listening and doing class work
c. talking to my friends or doing other things

5. What are your average grades on tests?

a. A’s and B’s
b. C’s
c. D’s and F’s

6. How do you feel about school and your classes in general?

a. Great! School is easy most of the time
b. Ok. Some subjects are confusing, and others are easy
c. Bad. Most subjects are hard, and I feel frustrated a lot

Scoring: Give yourself 3 points for each “a” answer, 2 points for each “b” answer, and 1 point for each “c” answer.

16-18 points: Awesome! You have great study habits, and you are probably a good student. With a little motivation and guidance, you will be on your way to straight A’s in no time! Tutoring can help you get that extra advantage it takes to be an outstanding student.

12-15 points: Way to go! You have already established many good study habits on your own. You are probably getting good grades in many classes, but you might need some help in one or more subjects to build your confidence and understanding. By strengthening your study skills and asking for help when you need it, you will soon be on the way to academic success! Online tutoring can help you reach those goals by giving you individual support that you can’t get in a classroom.

8-11 points: On your way! You have some good study habits, but you have some bad habits that need changing. You can become the student you have always wanted to be; all you have to do is believe that you can. With some hard work and determination, you will see big results! Tutoring could be the solution to help you get there.

5-7 points: Just surviving! You are most likely having a hard time in many classes, and you probably get frustrated at school often. Changing your study habits is the first step you can take to becoming a better student. Tutoring can help raise your grades by keeping you focused, organized, and on track with your classes.

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