Relaxation Tips for Better Concentration

Here are some relaxation tips that are simple yet powerful techniques for relaxation that you can use while studying, working, or any other time that you feel stress building. Once you learn this technique I am confident that you will be able to use this technique for the rest of your life.

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Let us learn this tremendously powerful, yet easy relaxation technique.

This technique takes about 5 minutes and is designed to relax you and put you in a state which will make you feel at ease, successful, and confident. Cramming is never suggested when preparing for an upcoming exam, however, sometimes we still manage to get ourselves into these stressful test prep situations. When studying for exams it’s very important to take breaks, relax, stretch and monitor your state of mind as to relieve ourselves of this stress.

This technique has three steps:

Step 1- Physical stretching movement

Stand up, slowly bend forward and stretch your hands towards the floor. Then slowly stand up with your hands stretched upwards, slowly bend backward. Don’t perform any stretch so much that it aches, only do what is comfortable for you.

Step 2-Relaxation

Sit down but do not lie on the bed because there is a danger of falling asleep. Close your eyes and breathe deeply- your stomach must go out and your breath should take about equal time. Do this deep regular breathing for about 6 breaths. The exact number of breaths is not important –it could be anywhere from 4 to 10 breaths.

Step 3-Positivity

Now get into a positive, successful, learning state of mind. To achieve this you need to adjust your physiology, ask the right questions of yourself, and focus on the result you want.

These relaxation tips, if performed correctly will put you in a success state. Additionally, when you study, take a break about every 30 minutes. While taking these breaks, use this study break relaxation technique and it will do wonders for your learning ability and performance.

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