Setting Goals at Any Age

Many parents often ask, when is it time to start setting goals for and with my child? The answer to that is simple: while each child is different, it’s never too early to instill goal-setting criteria or ideals into their life.

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These goals can be small goals or large goals depending upon your child’s age, but setting goals will only help your child grow into the well-rounded adult that they can become.

Your elementary school-aged child can decide to set goals for the year. Determine with them what they want to accomplish throughout the year. Perhaps they want to read a specific number of books or get a better grade in math. Remind your child often of the goals they set and find out it they will be met within that year.

For your middle school-aged child, help them determine monthly or quarterly goals depending upon the goal they decide upon. Stay abreast of their goals by having them chart their successes and setbacks on a graph or in a journal.

Lastly, for your high school-aged child, help them to set steeper goals, such as weekly or biweekly goals. Suggest goals that will help them in future decision making when you aren’t there to guide them through their issues.

Overall, the key to helping any age child to set and meet their goals is to help them set those goals that are both realistic and attainable over time. Help them keep on track and meet obstacles, and your child will be all that they can be and more in the future.

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