Improve Your Child’s Grades by Teaching Them to Study Read

There are many different types of reading. A lot of students make the mistake of reading their text book the same way they read a novel. However, when a student reads a difficult piece of material that has lots of new vocabulary and terminology, they should be taught how to study read.

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Study reading is gathering information from your text to be able to study. Study reading is like listening to your teacher in class and taking notes. The notes you take will be used to study later. When you study read, you should imagine that you are listening to the author of the text, just as you would listen to your teacher in the classroom.

The tips below outline some steps you can follow to learn to study read and be more successful in reading.

• Look over what you're going to read about by reading all titles, subtitles, and boldfaced text, picture captions, charts and graphs, and introductions.

• Read it very actively; skim over the material, and then read and take notes. Listen actively.

• Summarize the material. While you read, you should be summarizing the material in your mind so that when you finish you can retell the content in your own words.

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