Taking Good Notes for School Success

Taking good notes is crucial when it comes to school success. As a parent, you would be surprised what your child's notes may look like if you ask for the three subject notebook you bought at the beginning of school. Some may be easy to follow, while others you may return to them because you may not be able to understand them at all and wonder how they follow them. Here are three ideas for taking good notes.

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Taking Good Notes Idea #1- Have your child start a new page for notes on a new day. To begin a new page of notes, they will want to place the current day and date on the upper right corner of the top line. This will divide notes by days and weeks and will make for an easier way to find ideas. All that a student needs to do now is remember what day they wrote down the idea, and then look over the notes by the day and dates to find it.

Taking Good Notes Idea #2- Have your child separate new topics and ideas. Many times while writing down notes, work just runs together. This can be remedied by your child by separating topics, ideas, and examples by spaces. This will allow work to be more organized and found faster when the time comes to review and study for tests.

Taking Good Notes Idea #3- Include pictures and problems that the teacher calls attention to. It is important that this is done because the teacher may tell the class, “This is important” for a reason and may be giving hints to let everyone know they will see this problem or idea again. You will want to tell your child to not just hear what their teacher is saying, but to truly understand what their teacher is saying.

Here are the three steps for taking good notes for school success. Also, having organized notes will make the job of the tutor much easier because the sessions flow smoother without much trouble and more can be accomplished in the scheduled time selected.

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