Creating an Effective Online Tutoring Website

Many new tutors ask about the need for an online tutoring website. Although it is not necessary, it may be helpful to have so prospective clients can learn more about you, your experience, your goals, your availability, and how you run your business. Most parents will do their homework and research tutors before signing up with one, so creating an effective online tutoring website might just give you the edge over other tutors.

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You do not need to have an elaborate website or spend hundreds of dollars building it. It should have the basics including your name, phone number, email address, and the subjects you tutor. You may want to include a little blurb about your experience and/or your philosophy regarding working with students.

If you plan to tutor online you may want to include a free demonstration which clearly shows parents how online tutoring is accomplished. offers a free demo that you can link to from your website. The address is

Most parents have no idea about online tutoring and despite some initial skepticism, are pleasantly surprised after watching the video. You may even want to offer a free phone consultation just to entice parents to take that initial step and contact you. Make sure they don’t feel obligated to purchase anything. It should just be an informative conversation where they can learn about you and your program and you can offer some sound advice after learning a little about where their child is struggling in school.

If you do decide to create your own free or paid online tutoring website, you will want to purchase your own domain name. Choose something that people will remember or clearly makes them aware of what you do.

For example, a good domain name might be You can visit and purchase that domain name for just $7.45 per year. Once you set up your account and purchase your domain name you need to link it to your actual website. This can be accomplished by going to the “manage domains” section in the center of the screen and then clicking on the “domain forwarding” section on the left side. You will then be asked to enter the URL of the site you want your domain name linked to.

Now when people type in your new address they will be directed to your website.

If you don’t have your own website already or you don’t know anything about creating a website, I recommend going to and using the “website tonight” website building program. It’s a bargain for only $4.50 per month. You will be walked through the process and have your very own website in less than five minutes. This is a wonderful program for creating basic websites quickly and easily.

If you are a little more tech savvy and want to create a more complicated website with some advanced features, then visit This software will allow you to create a more advanced website with some great tools such as an auto-responder for about $30 per month.

Another option would be to hire someone or visit a site such as and have someone create your website for you. At you can post your project and view the bids by the end of the day. Most websites can be created for under $200.

As mentioned earlier, a personalized online tutoring website is not crucial to success but it definitely helps clients get to know you and what you can offer them. Check out the sites mentioned above or other sites you may already be familiar with and take the first steps in creating an effective online tutoring website.

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