8 Ways to Be Better at Math

If you want your child to become a better at math, have them follow these tips.

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1. Practice daily- By practicing daily, this will help the student to see if they are doing things as the teacher wants them to be completing assignments or if they are missing steps when completing the assignments.

2. If you have problems with multiplication or division, create flash cards. These may help you see the correct process by which to complete problems like this.

3. If you are making careless mistakes in your work, make sure to look over your work every day in order to avoid mistakes from something as silly as carelessness.

4. If you have never managed to memorize your multiplication or division skills, then search Google for websites like freerice.com. This website also feeds hungry people when you get problems right.

5. Ask for help- If all else fails, get a tutor. Sometimes having a tutor can help a student get better at math when they truly do not know what they are doing, or they can help reinforce topics the student does know.

6. Team up- Getting help from other classmates is a great way for a child to truly see if they can explain a concept to a classmate as well as the other way around.

7. Have child explain concept- If the child is physically able to speak, then have them explain how a concept works in their own words to you. This helps them to truly see how well they understand a concept which will help them get better at math.

8. Increase interest- Show the child or children that learning math (as well as other subjects) can be fun. If they see a parent or another grown up doing it, then they realize things are not as bad as they thought.

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