New School Year Math Preparation

We are quickly approaching the beginning of a new school year. Wow! Where did the summer go? As a parent and grandparent this is the time to think about buying school supplies and about how you can help prepare your child for school.

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“BE PREPARED!" that is the advice for many people all over the world and in many walks of life.

Benjamin Franklin wrote, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." In fact every successful person will tell you that this a crucial attribute for success in all aspects of life.

It is especially true for our young children when it comes to math preparation.

A young 4th grade math student should spend some time each week reviewing concepts taught in last year’s class. In addition that child should be looking ahead to the math units which will be covered early on in the next class.

What can parents and tutors do help these students "Be Prepared"? Here are a few suggestions:

• Spend 15 minutes a day or 30 minutes every other day with your student looking over last year's math papers. Use a workbook from last year or buy a new one.

• Call your school and ask the principal or next year’s teacher what math units will be taught in September and October. Look online for material for these units. An example is the web page These contain some free lesson worksheets.

• Make Math practice fun by allowing your child to earn points to save toward a special reward.

• Play math games which review math concepts examples at

• Lastly, don't forget those "Math Moments" that happen at home. They are wonderful learning opportunities. Try these examples at

Remember, Robert Scholler wrote,"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation."

If we as parents or tutors do even some of these suggestions and keep a positive attitude toward math our children will be more likely begin the next grade prepared.

When his/her new teacher begins Math on the White board in class, your child might be saying to herself, "Wow, I know this, I practiced it this summer."

So when someone wishes your child "Good Luck in school", you'll know that "luck is just preparation meeting opportunity."

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