7 Advantages of Choosing Online Math Tutoring for Your Student

For a parent who is concerned about their child’s performance in math, there are many things to consider when choosing online tutors. You need to decide which method or format will make the child feel the most comfortable. Additionally, you want to make sure that whatever is chosen will be effective.

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There are many different options when choosing math tutors. One of the biggest decisions is whether to use online math tutoring, or a face-to-face in-person tutor. Here are some clear advantages to going online.

1. The biggest advantage of online math tutoring is that students actually prefer their math tutor to use an online system. While many parents may not be very comfortable using the computer, their kids are. It seems that most kids today have grown up with a joystick or a mouse in their hands! Children today just love technology, from cell phones to video games to the internet.

Therefore, why not choose a method that your child will feel comfortable with, like, and maybe even enjoy? Using online math tutoring may even rekindle their desire to learn. It may also improve their self-confidence and attitude in general. I have seen this happen many times.

2. The second advantage is convenience. Many math tutors do not even offer an online option. This means that after a long day at work (or school for your child), you need to make another trip to the tutors’ home, business or some other location. When using an online math tutor, on the other hand, you remain in your own home. You do not have to clean in expectation of a visitor. You could even do the tutoring session dressed in your pajamas, if you like.

3. The third advantage is that your algebra tutor (as an example) will be more efficient. This is especially true if they are using an online whiteboard. The whiteboard makes it possible for both the student and the tutor to write and draw just like using a shared blackboard. With the use of certain other applications, documents can be transferred and shared. This makes it possible for online tutors and students to see test and quiz results as well as homework and other papers.

4. The fourth advantage is the ability to review your tutoring sessions. The student is able to print out and save all of the information that was written on the whiteboard. This can be used as a great learning tool. This information can be saved and then reviewed later. If there is trouble or further questions regarding certain types of problems, your child can simply go back into the tutor sessions and look up those types of problems.

Additionally, the parent can also use this as a record of what has been accomplished. You may even choose to use the saved session work as material for directed study or perhaps, the basis of a summer refresher program, or just mini quizzes. There are many uses; these are but a few examples.

5. The fifth advantage is immediate access to further resources. There are many different web sites and other computer resources. During our tutor session, we will be able to jump to whatever resource might prove helpful for your child. Your online math tutor will be right there to guide your son or daughter, which will help save time and frustration.

6. The sixth advantage is voice communication. In addition to the use of a whiteboard, your child will be able to freely speak and listen to their math tutor. This is all done in real time, through a headset and microphone. If there are questions, they can be asked and answered immediately.

7. The seventh advantage is having access to an online math tutor who cares. What I mean by this is that our math tutors will take the time to keep parents informed about what is happening with their child. At the end of every session, we like to have a parent either log on or talk with us over the phone (whatever is more comfortable and convenient). During this mini-session we will go over what occurred in the last session, maybe give some recommendations for further help, other homework, and just give you a sense of how much progress is being made.

All of these advantages make using online math tutoring your best option. If your child is having difficulty, please do not hesitate to look into finding a math tutor soon.

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