Algebra 1 Homework Help for Your Child

This covers both the reasons why it is highly advisable to master this subject, and the measures which you may need to take to get effective Algebra 1 homework help for your child.

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If your child is preparing for college, the curriculum will include at least two more years of mathematics, as well as Chemistry and Physics. All of these will require, to a significant degree, use of the skills which should have been acquired in Algebra I. If these need to be “extensively reviewed” during the subsequent classes, your child will be—at best—struggling to keep up.

Colleges tend to verify, by means other than assigned letter grades, applicants’ actual mastery of high-school mathematics. If this appears to be inadequate, admission may be denied, or students may be required to take remedial classes.

What needs to be accomplished, over the duration of an Algebra I class, is that the following topics be mastered:

A. Signed arithmetic, order of operations, simplification of expressions

B. Setup and solving of first-degree, single-unknown, equations

C. Handling of systems of two first-degree equations

D. Factoring, quadratic equations, polynomial multiplication and division

Each of these needs to be learned before study of the next can profitably begin. If your child is having difficulty or needs Algebra 1 homework help, and is unable to obtain adequate help at school, consider one of the following:

A. If you, or possibly an older relative, can help, this may be most cost-effective.

B. On-demand, online tutoring may be available, either through a library or for a per-hour charge. The procedures often provide for total anonymity between tutor and student; there is unlikely to be any continuity between sessions. Even so, the better organizations enforce standards over both tutor qualifications and session content; the quality of assistance, on a specific problem, is likely to be good.

C. If your child appears to be falling behind, consider hiring a private tutor for pre-scheduled sessions of Algebra 1 homework help. These can be provided either online, or in person. Online sessions tend to be easier to schedule, somewhat less time-consuming for the parent, and quite effective.

At end of the school year, it is advisable to have your child take a comprehensive final examination, developed by a source independent of your school’s administration. Go over every missed question; if it appears that any of these are not clearly understood, consider engaging a tutor to review the material with your child. Two possible sources, of good examinations: (click under “Find Your Book”)

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