Math Anxiety Tips

This article touches on a few math anxiety tips. Many students get scared when they discover that they have to take a math class or study math. Practice is the key to getting over a fear of math. Here are 8 math anxiety tips that cater to the realization that the more math problems you do, the less you fear math.

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To help battle a math phobia, follow these basic math anxiety tips:

#1- Tell yourself that math is not an aptitude with which most people are born. Through study and practice, math is an acquired skill.

#2- Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice math in your daily life, the more comfortable you will feel using it. For example, try to mentally calculate the cost of something you buy at a discount.

#3- Buy math software that covers math basics. Doing a problem daily will help you overcome your math phobia.

#4- Buy math review books and study them at your own pace.

#5- Always practice doing basic math problems before trying harder ones. You need a foundation from which to build.

#6- Give yourself a pat on the back every time you answer a problem correctly and do not get discouraged if you hit a road block with some math problems.

#7- Take math review courses to help you learn more about math basics.

#8- Ask for help from family members and friends who have a thorough understanding of math concepts. Let them help you one on one.

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