Math for Slow Learners

Slow learners are normal students who are simply not interested in studying under traditionally acceptable systems of education. Parents or guardians often do not take their slow learning wards seriously during their earlier days of growth.

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Courses like mathematics have great bearing on the child’s frame of mind during primary school education. If the concepts are not clear, then the child loses interest in the subject and as the subject has continuity and is dependent on basic principles, this interesting subject becomes stressful for him or her. Subsequently it becomes difficult for parents or guardians or teachers to help such children achieve even passing grades where normal students can achieve almost full marks with little effort.

Understanding how mathematics is applied to everyday life is important to a child that sees no relevance in the subject matter, rather just an obscure mystery.

Some tips to develop math for slow learners:

• Explaining addition and subtraction using marbles in different bowls

• Explain division and fractions using the concept of sharing as applied by child while playing games of his/her interest like Pokémon cards

• Explain time management using his/her favorite television programs

Fortunately nowadays there is an abundance of resources available in libraries as well as online in regards to developing effective concepts of math for slow learners.

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