Math Tutor Help: Understanding YX OIC 2EZ

With the proper math tutor help you will be able to see solutions to a variety of tricky questions. Does the term “YX OIC 2EZ” make any sense to you? What if I gave you a little hint so as to “turn on the light” so that it all made sense?

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Hint: The first group asks the question, why X?

“Seeing” the solution to the first group should help you to “see” that the second group states the most common response to the group: Oh, I see!

The third group states the most common response by those that can “easily see” the relationship of the numbers and letters: Too easy.

Not all students “see” as quickly as others. Even the best teachers cannot present material in the manner that enables every student to “see”, and to fully understand, what is being presented. Time constraints, and the different manners required by each student, limit what a teacher, in a classroom setting, can accomplish.

That is what math tutor help is for: to provide individual help for individual students and address that student’s individual needs.

You may wonder if children in the K-12 grade schools should be enrolled in a tutoring program in order to receive math tutor help. Since the level of math being taught is simple enough, any high school graduate should be able to assist a child to do their homework. Besides, why pay more than $10.00 to get help for your child? Remember, you usually get only what you pay for.

I am a Math Teacher and a Math Tutor. I have taught courses ranging from basic math (fractions, decimals, percentage, etc), up to and including college level algebra. I have taught and tutored courses online and face to face. I have also conducted classes on how to overcome math anxiety.

In my tutoring and teaching practice I found that too many of our young people have a very poor understanding of math. Not just fractions, but even the simplest math such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

While teaching courses like College Algebra to students preparing to earn advanced degrees, there were many occasions when I had to deviate from the curriculum so that I could teach these high school graduates how to add and subtract fractions. They needed to understand the procedure so that they could use the same procedure in handling algebraic fractions. When I asked them why they did not understand fractions and still graduated from school, the most common reply was that they were able to "slide" through the course with just enough effort to pass it.

It was then that I became convinced that the K-12 kids should be the ones receiving math tutor help in order to ensure their understanding of all forms of math being taught in their grade levels.

I became convinced that IF the kids have a good understanding of the early concepts of math, and are made to realize that these are the concepts that they will be using throughout all of their math courses, there will be less of a tendency to "slide" through a given course with just enough effort to pass it.

Many students in the K-12 grades have become convinced that math is a terrible subject. They tend to believe that they would have to be really, really smart to pass the course. They can recall that back in their earlier classes they had to memorize what multiplying two numbers would produce. Why waste time trying to learn multiplication when all you need is a calculator or a cell phone to get the answer?

One of the main reasons why math is not a popular subject is because the students are not taught the “WHY” of a concept, just the “HOW”. They are taught “HOW” to add “like” fractions and “HOW” to change “unlike” fractions into “like” fractions before addition. But it seems that very few teachers can take the time to help the child visualize what a fraction actually is, and why “unlike” fractions cannot be added together.

Understanding “WHY” we do something, and how understanding “WHY” is very important in learning more complex forms of math, will enable students to stop thinking that trying to learn a given form of math is a waste of time.

In my article entitled “Understanding Fractions Is A Piece of Cake” I show that fractions are a category of math that must be understood in order to better understand decimals and percentage, since these three concepts are so closely related. The same holds true for the need to fully understand the “WHY” of all math concepts so as to be able to use them when dealing with the more complex forms of math.

As a parent, one must make choices that are best for their child. Too many parents are so busy trying to do everything that must be done to provide for their children, that paying very close attention to their children's grades has a rather low priority.

Is your child having difficulty learning math or does not believe that learning math could be easy and fun? If so, should you look for math tutor help? If so, when should you enroll your child in a tutoring program?

You, and only you, can make those decisions. If you stop and remember how it was when you, yourself, struggled with your math courses, you will begin to appreciate why it would be better to have your children have access to math tutor help sooner, rather than later, since the long term benefits would be so much greater.

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