Online Help with Geometry

Do you struggle with geometry? If so, online help with geometry may be just the ticket. Many students struggle with geometry since it is different in many ways than what they are used to learning so far in school. Most students need online help with geometry as they have not been taught how to think “geometrically”. In other words, they may not be able to see the abstract nature that is used in geometry. According to Jean Piaget’s theory about cognitive development, many students many not have the abilities to think cognitively until their late teens, or possibly early 20’s. All of this makes geometry challenging to students, but not impossible. Here are a few online help with geometry tips that may help

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Online Help with Geometry Tip #1- Notes are very important in all classes, including math. Note taking should not only include the notes given by the teacher, but also examples that the students can follow when doing homework and studying for tests. The examples should include one or two different problems that represent various methods of solving a concept. A useful way for taking notes is the Cornell Notes method. It is easy to set up in any notebook or binder and allows room for additional notes, ideas and revelations that may came up.

Online Help with Geometry Tip #2- Going along with the notes, index cards are very useful. The majority of textbooks highlight in one form or another, the key concepts for each chapter. By rewriting these important bits of info on the cards, it will help your student in two ways. The more often they write a concept and thereby think about it, the more likely it will stay with them. Also, the important pieces that need to be reviewed for a test are now in one easy to flip through location. I would suggest using a note card ring and writing the note cards out during the chapter, not at the end when your student is trying to cram everything in to one major study session.

Online Help with Geometry Tip #3- Use the book that was given. Math books are not the easiest to read. Today the publishers try to include real world examples and relevant and possibly interesting problems. Yet it does not make it any more interesting if the subject is dreaded. It may be hard to convince your student that reading the book will help, but it does. When reading it, they will oftentimes have an “ah-ha” moment because the book explains things differently than the teacher. Not only is reading along with the book helpful, but reworking the problems and comparing the student’s answers to the ones in the book will also allow them to find the steps that they are either missing or having a problem with.

Online Help with Geometry Tip #4- Homework is everyone’s challenge. As parents it can be frustrating to get our children to do the work when they are struggling, and it is just as frustrating for the child. However, we need to keep in mind that homework does serve a purpose. It allows the student to practice what they learned, and if there are problems it is a method for the teacher to determine where the problems lie. So attempting to do the homework, no matter how hard it is makes a big difference. The student needs to put out an effort to do what they can, the best that they can. Oftentimes teachers check homework for the effort, not correctness. This is very important when homework is a percentage of your child’s grade.

Online Help with Geometry Tip #5- Last but definitely not least, ask the teacher when something is confusing. I constantly tell my students that they need to speak up if they are not getting a concept. I am also a Mom with eyes on the back of my head, but I still can’t read minds. Teachers are more than happy to answer questions or go over an example again when there is a problem. Unfortunately, when students do not say that they do not understand something, we tend to assume that everyone gets it. So speak up! The more questions asked, the happier we are as teachers. Also most teachers are more than happy to spend extra time with students at some point during the day if they need help. The student usually just needs to ask.

These are some basics that will not only help with geometry homework, but in any math class. One last thing to keep in mind, neatness does count! When grading a test, if a teacher needs to decipher the work, the less likely the student is to get partial credit.

I am certain these online help with geometry tips will help your student.

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