Four Steps to Follow When Solving Math Word Problems

During my 20 years of teaching, I have come across students struggling with word problems. Below I am suggesting some steps which I am sure, if followed correctly, will definitely boost student confidence and success rate when it comes to solving math word problems.

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Solving Math Word Problems Step 1 - Read the question carefully 2 to 3 times and even more if required. The main aim at this stage is to understand what is given in the question and what is to be found out. Sometimes some information is given directly but sometimes it is given indirectly. One has to read between the lines to get indirect information.

Solving Math Word Problems Step 2 - Make two headings "Given" & "To find out" in your notebook. Write everything step by step including what information is given and what is to be found out under the appropriate headings.

Solving Math Word Problems Step 3 - Try to form an equation from the information provided in the question. It may sometimes require drawing diagrams in order to help visualize the problem. Once this part is done, equations can be formed.

Solving Math Word Problems Step 4 - The final step is to solve the equation for the unknown value. The final answer shouldn't just be 0 or 70. Instead it should be 40 km/hr or 70 m/sec (as has been asked in the question).

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