Tips for Achieving Self-Discipline this Summer

Achieving self-discipline is vital when it comes to your child’s educational success. So what is the secret of success? Why is it that some people always succeed and others seldom do? There are many different elements for success, but one common trait is self-discipline or work ethic. We see this in all aspects of life such as athletics, science, business, politics, etc. In many cases these people had to overcome physical and behavioral handicaps. People will often tell you that you can achieve whatever you want, but they neglect to tell you that self-discipline is an important ingredient for success.

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Self-discipline is the ability to assert ones willpower to accomplish certain tasks gladly which you know will be beneficial to you instead of satisfying your more pleasurable immediate desires. It’s a pattern of behavior which incorporates a longer view to achieve your goals rather than giving into your immediate impulsive desires. You can also think of it as self control.

At the beginning of your summer break, reflect on the past school year and make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Start a daily journal and practice writing your thoughts. This activity of regularly assessing yourself and identifying areas to improve is important in making continuous improvement in whatever you do.

In general, students that are not doing well in school have not developed good self-discipline. Self-discipline is a way of life which you decide for yourself as opposed to being told by others. What you decide to follow should be routine, in other words, you will perform tasks habitually and gladly without agonizing as to whether you do it or not. The following are activities I am suggesting for this summer primarily to develop your self-discipline. You don’t have to start with all of these activities; also how well you do them is not as important as just doing them regularly and following a schedule.

Achieving Self-Discipline Tip #1- Exercise regularly at a set time and frequency. Remember the ability to follow a schedule is part of self-discipline.

Achieving Self-Discipline Tip #2- Visit the library and read one or more books a week. Again set a regular time to visit the library.

Achieving Self-Discipline Tip #3- Volunteer your services to your neighbors or nonprofit organizations. You can also start at home by volunteering to perform tasks without being asked. The important thing is to commit yourself to a certain task and fulfill it. This is an opportunity to show that you are ready to assume adult responsibility.

Achieving Self-Discipline Tip #4- Work on your weakness and learn new skills. Weaknesses may be your reading or math skills. This is what first-class athletes and other successful people do. New skills can be something you always wanted to do, like playing a musical instrument, playing golf, or pursuing a hobby.

Achieving Self-Discipline Tip #5- Keep a daily journal of your activities and feelings. At the end of each day make an assessment of yourself. Make a To-Do list of tasks to perform the next day and check off tasks that you have completed.

Achieving Self-Discipline Tip #6- Time management is an important part of self discipline, so the above activities will lose their effectiveness if you allow your feelings to dictate whether to follow a schedule or not. They should become a routine. Make sure you own the activities you do. In other words, you are doing it for yourself and not to please others. If you are committed to self improvement and understand the benefits to be gained you won’t mind going through some tough times.

Remember that your goal should be achieving self discipline, which will be a valuable component in achieving whatever you want. Have a successful summer.

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