Raising Positive Children

Raising positive children is something that we all strive to do. It is the steadfast hope of all parents that their children mature and develop into well balanced and thoughtful individuals that are rich in confidence and self-esteem. As adults, we can attempt to fulfill these endeavors with an ever flowing river of positive and loving communication.

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Actions will manifest themselves through the process of foundational thought in human beings. If thoughts are positive and strong, behavior will be clear and pleasing. In retrospect, negatively channeled thoughts result in an unbalanced, confused and frustrated individual. Obviously, in nature, we are given a clean slate with a baby that develops into a child. As parents, teachers and community leaders we have been given the mission of raising positive children by guiding and developing future generations.

As parents, teachers, work supervisors, spouses, friends and family members, we are driven by our natural inclination to be negative and critical instead of positive and edifying. It would seem we have to concentrate and devote a tremendous amount of laborious tasking into praising and encouraging. If one thinks about it, our first thoughts when addressing an issue concerning our children, for example, we tend to communicate harsh, negative words.

Strict observance of most human beings produces several reasons for this. The child, in an effort to contribute, unknowingly embarrasses the parent when speaking among mixed company. Another reason may be that the behavior induces inconvenience for the parent. There may also be a lot of social reasons for negative communication such as family pride or the like. An entire volume of judgments are placed upon the child that they not only don't deserve but store for later use in aggressive behavior towards others either as a child or an adult.

Positive reinforcement contains a largely untapped wealth of power. It develops a competent, confident and well balanced child. When working with children on their schoolwork, the child will respond in his mind and heart warmly to edification, thus paving the way to understanding and learning. These methods of foundational communication utilize the tools of patience, quietness, observance and love. Our commitment to each other and to our children should be to verbalize at least five positive comments throughout the day, every day. The atmosphere will be much lighter and it requires much less energy to accomplish tasks and goals. In any activity concerning schoolwork, look first for the positive effort.

If an assignment is given to a parent and that parent's first reaction is negative, it is very unlikely for that child to return for guidance ever again. Development of a positive attitude within the parent should be paramount and application a must. Praise children to others with the child present. This gives the child an assurance of having a place in this world.

Children are a gift and a treasure. Greet children every day from an extended days’ absence as if you haven't seen them in weeks. Show them a warm, beautiful smile and wrap them in your safe, warm arms when they return home. Home is a place of peace and safety. It is to be a kingdom of sanctity where positive guidance and navigation steers them through their growth and development. Through this type of behavior you will undoubtedly succeed in raising positive children.

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