You Can Become a Tutor!

With the demand for student success increasing at a startling rate due to No Child Left Behind, more and more parents are turning to tutoring to give their child an edge in the classroom and on the state mandated tests.This demand translates into a need for tutors, both online tutors and those that meet with students in person.People from all different backgrounds and lifestyles are choosing to become a tutor and cash in on this growing field.Consider the following groups of people:

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Teachers and Professors: Teachers are extremely knowledgeable in their field, are trained to work with students, and they truly enjoy making a difference in the life of a child.Unfortunately, they also find themselves overworked and underpaid and often times choose to tutor in order to supplement their income.The fact that they possess a teaching certificate helps them appear more credible in the eyes of the parents and they may find it easier than others to land a client.They also are most aware of the current curriculum and have many resources to utilize.

Retired Teachers and Professors A common complaint of retired teachers is that they miss working with the students.They may be relieved to be finished with the daily responsibilities of working in a school, such as all of the paperwork, the state tests, etc. but they may not feel as fulfilled as they did when they were in the classroom making a difference in their students’ lives.Tutoring is a wonderful way for retired teachers to still remain active in the field of education, share their knowledge in a low stress one-on-one environment, and supplement their retirement.

Aspiring Teachers: The student-teaching experience that typically culminates an education program can be extremely overwhelming if an aspiring teacher has not yet worked with students.By tutoring students you will not only be making extra money and building your resume, but you will have the opportunity to discover your style, your strengths, and your weakness as a teacher.You will get to practice teaching without the hassle of classroom management or the stress of observations, writing reflections, and daily lesson planning.You will become more comfortable presenting material which will later be reflected in your presentation to an entire class.In addition, tutoring students in a district is a wonderful way to get your foot in the door and your name recognized by the people who may be thinking about hiring you in the near future.

Stay at Home Moms: Many stay at home moms would like to contribute to the family finances, even if it is just a hundred dollars or so a week. This can easily be accomplished by tutoring during the quiet times.Many moms will be able to meet with clients while their own children are at school or extra- curricular events.Online tutoring is a wonderful option for stay at home moms because it doesn’t require them to even leave the house to meet with a client.They can simply log on when their kids are napping, playing, or after they have gone to bed for the evening.Consider tutoring just an hour a day for five days a week at $30 an hour.This would result in $150 extra a week or $600 a month!

Parents that Homeschool: Some parents devote a great deal of time teaching their own children and find themselves with extra free time, resources, knowledge, and the desire to continue teaching when their own children no longer need to be homeschooled them.An option which many parents who have formerly homeschooled their own children is to branch out and tutor other children.

College Students: Many students find themselves short on cash and loaded with knowledge in a particular subject area.Why not earn extra money by sharing your knowledge with other struggling students.Clients of college students are often other college students or even local youngsters.Depending on the age and the subject area, college students could charge a great deal of money.For instance, tutors in courses such as organic chemistry or calculus may be rare and in demand.A good tutor may easily charge $50-$80 an hour or more for their services.

People Who Have Regular Full-Time Jobs: Some tutors that I have worked with are people who have had no experience in the classroom but are very knowledgeable in a certain field, are very personable, and have a knack for explaining concepts to youngsters and relating everything to the real world.For instance, a regular tutor may help a student struggling in math by doing multiple problems over and over again.A tutor who has experience in the business world however, may get the student to understand the same math concepts by demonstrating real world applications of these concepts. Online tutoring is a wonderful option for full-time employees because it gives them the flexibility of working around their own schedule and tutoring from the comfort of their own home after a day at the office.

Tutoring is a growing field that is accessible to almost anyone, as long as they are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, encouraging, personable, and have a true desire to help others succeed.It is not difficult to open your own tutoring business and there is a great deal of ideas and support on the web that can be accessed with a simple search.Give it a try and see how lucrative it can be and how fulfilled you will feel after making a difference in the life of a child.

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