Online Tutor Business Opportunities

For work at home moms, students, educators, tutors and others, starting an online tutor business is a great way to earn extra money, without spending a lot of time away from home.

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Online tutoring is steadily becoming a multimillion dollar industry and a potential source of income and help to students. Online tutors can usually charge anywhere from $5 to $40 an hour or even more depending on the subject, experience of the tutor and location e.g. 3rd world countries rates vs. developed country rates. So if you are considering starting an online tutor business, you’ll need to pick subjects you feel comfortable tutoring and also a grade level or age group you would like to tutor.

While it is entirely possible to start an online tutoring business by obtaining all the equipment and software you need then marketing you self locally at school events and such, it may be a lot easier to join some of the many websites that offer a meeting place for tutors and pupils to meet and sign up for accounts. Usually there are fees for at least the student and their family including the tutoring fees for the tutor; occasionally there are fees for the tutor too. If there is a sign up or program fee it is usually stated on the website.

Home online tutoring websites also provide some training but require an extensive educational background and maybe a college degree or teaching certificate, although this may not always be the case. If for instance you only feel comfortable tutoring smaller kids in math and English, these obviously don’t really require and an advanced degree so perhaps you can market yourself locally for this or try to find sites that don’t require a degree and cater to middle school and so on.

Another advantage of registering online to a good online tutoring website is the global reach you can have by putting yourself out there. Students can sometimes find your profile or vice-versa and request your services without being anywhere physically close by or even in the same state or country. You can take advantage of the online tutoring sites tutorials and software if they have any to offer you. Some of the sites simply assign a student and tutor together and take care of the prices and finances on both ends.

You will need, of course a good, reliable computer and if working through a tutoring website familiarize yourself with the communication options available to you. It’s possible that you will have to communicate by email and instant messenger and other online tools. You’ll need to set up a way to receive payments such as by check or preferably by accepting safe online payments using a service like Paypal.

There are already scores of smart tutors all over the globe enjoying the benefits of an online tutor business and making decent income. So if it’s something you’d like to explore do some more research, make a plan and start tutoring. And you’ll soon be helping learners and earning some extra money too.

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