Find the Perfect Online Tutoring Program

By choosing an online tutoring program you can truly help yourself. There are a great deal of software options that people can use to tutor students online. One of the most complete online tutoring programs currently available is offered by It is friendly and easy to use for both tutors and students and has a variety of functions which make record-keeping, scheduling, and teaching a breeze.

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Subscribers to TutorFi’s program will log in to their own administrative screen where they can manage everything they need to run a successful business. A secure database allows them to store client information, such as the names of the parents, the subject areas the students need help in, usernames and passwords, and of course, billing information. Tutors can also easily post their weekly schedule for their clients to view and reserve sessions. The main administrative screen will also allow tutors to view and keep track of any upcoming sessions that their clients have scheduled.

Each of a tutor’s clients will have their own unique username and password which will allow them to access their individual online classroom. Here they will view any upcoming sessions that they have already scheduled with their tutor, view their tutor’s available hours and schedule future sessions, and enter the private online classroom to meet with their tutor.

Both tutor and student can log into the online classroom from their main screens. After logging in at the same time, they will be able to communicate one-on-one, real time, through voice and by drawing or writing on the whiteboard. They will be able to speak with each other via the computer’s microphone and speakers and interact just as if they were having a phone conversation. Both tutor and client have access to 24 hour toll free microphone tech support to initially configure their microphones. Once configured properly, communication becomes a breeze and works well whether internet access occurs through dial up or through faster connections.

In addition to communicating verbally in real time, both will be able to view what the other has written or drawn on the whiteboard simultaneously. This is extremely helpful while working out math examples, chemistry or physics problems, or discussing a passage that was cut and pasted onto the screen. There are a variety of tools that can be accessed by both tutor and student to help make learning more efficient and fun. The most commonly used tools are the ones that allow shapes to be drawn on the screen. Tutors not only use this feature when teaching geometry or other math or science problems involving pictures, but they also use them to help organize ideas or concepts on the screen.

Another option is to use the freehand tool to draw or write on the screen. This is comparable to using a piece of chalk on the chalkboard or a pen on paper. It is extremely easy and quick to use. Other options that are available are different colors and font sizes, the ability to cut and paste text from other sources right onto the whiteboard, and the ability to print whatever is on the screen to file away and refer to at a later date. Despite the great number of functions, it is extremely friendly to use and students, even very young ones, can learn how to use the whiteboard in minutes.

In addition to the management system and the online classroom, subscribers are also provided with support through email and phone, and access to a members-only website,, which contains a wealth of information on topics ranging from advertising ideas to charging clients for sessions. Tutors will also be granted membership to a private forum where they are encouraged to participate, ask questions, and share ideas with other members. Finally, subscribers to have access to exclusive parent leads. Parents interested in finding a tutor for their child will fill out a form through which is then immediately passed on to the tutors who can then contact these anxious parents and hopefully land new clients for themselves. subscribers realize that there are many ways to tutor students online, but there’s only one complete online tutoring program that will help them manage every aspect of their tutoring business. Investigate what has to offer by visiting the website at and see how you could start and maintain your very own online tutoring business.

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