7 Great Tutor Characteristics

If you are looking for certain characteristics when hiring a high quality tutor you should look for the following:

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1. Knowledgeable- To be a great tutor/teacher, the tutor has to know their material. Look to see if they have good credentials.

2. Qualified- Exceptional tutor characteristics will always include being qualified. A tutor must be tested and know what they are doing.

3. Great Communication skills- Great tutors communicate frequently with both parents and teachers.

4. Great Tutors=great relationships- Tutors that know what they are doing form relationships not only with the parents and students, but also with the teachers as well.

5. High Expectations- High quality tutors have high expectations with their students. They expect them to work and not to joke around.

6. Ask Questions- Tutors ask questions of their students just like they expect students to ask academic questions of them.

7. Professionalism- You will want to look for a tutor that will work with the child/children and who will not goof around and do the students work for them.

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